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Ok, I'm gonna try to rewrite this as much as possible from my previous brain glitch earlier >.>

So. Maryland. Went to Washington DC on Monday and visited the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, where there were many fossils, the Hope Diamond, and a whole lot of bugs. And, by proxy, a whole lot of bug sex (secks, even), especially on the part of the locusts. We also went to Chinatown for food (Ruby Tuesday's), which was delightfully sketchy. We went into a random lady's store so Ana could buy things for people, and there were sex cards, and it was goodly. Kai and I are good friends. There was also a porn store, which we were going to go into but didn't because we figured we should've started heading back >.> We were going to return today, but it was supposed to be really, really cold, so we decided not to. Ooh, and we rode the Metro subway, which was an experience. It was surprisingly clean! I was impressed.

Also, Kevin Spacey is teh sex. We've watched Se7en and The Usual Suspects, and it pleases me a great deal. Now I have someone else to fangirl over! Not that the list was very large to begin with, mostly comprised of Alan Rickman and Zyi Zhang and, depending on my mood, a couple of other random people, like Nicole Kidman, Lucy Liu, Christopher Walken, and that one other guy.

Ana and I have also been partaking in potatoes every day, because chives grow like grass around here and because we can. Potatoes in the oven, in the fire.. is good. Is good. Potato, chives, and butter. Buuutter! Also, s'mores! There has been a fire almost every night, which is excellent, and so we decided to make s'mores. Because Ana had never had s'mores. She'd also never seen snow, so when it snowed yesterday (woot), she got to chase the flakes around and eat them off her shirt. Ah, and we tried on swimsuits and got ice cream, because that makes sense when it's -1 degree Celsius outside.

I've also gotten addicted to World of Warcraft. Yes, it's finally happened! And Kai and Ana have both gotten addicted to Sacred. So a good portion of our days are spent huddled around the dining room table on computers. Well, we only have two, since I don't have a laptop (I want one!), so there's always one odd man out >.> Oops. But WoW is so goodly! We went to Wal-Mart, and I saw it priced at $19.77, but the price tag was really lying. Sadness. It's probably good in the long run anyway though, because I really can't afford to spend like 10 hours a day on WoW :x But now I understand its addictiveness. Totally. Also, I should really finish Diablo before starting another RPG. But they're so wonderful!

Ooh, and I've been exposed to Sailor Moon S at last. Haruka and Michiru! Woo! Them = very yes. We spent a majority of today tackling the first two DVDs (which Kai doesn't own.. nooo...), and there are a total of 6, I think. So many episodes! But, as cheesy as it is, I can now understand why people like(d) it so much. It's very.. erm.. happy-making. We've also watched the first 8-9 episodes of The Strangerhood (Hey, maan!), and we intend to watch some Firefly, because I have yet to finish that series too. Ana showed me the Jayne/Vera and zombie-Jayne fics though, which were all sorts of special.

Also, tonight, I got to LARP a velociraptor (along with Ana) and chase Kai around. That is always pleasing.

Kai's dad also built a sauna in the shed, which we tried for a grand total of about 10 minutes before we started to evaporate. Seriously, man. That thing was intense.

It's cold, but we have electric blankets. Holy crap, I love the electric blankets. I brought one out into the living room today, because it's warm. And warm is good.

The insect in my icon. There was the same kind on a donation box in the Smithsonian. I dropped a dollar in. I had to!

I think that just about covers it. Now, to make an OKCupid profile that is completely inaccurate.


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