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So I know you're all as absolutely enamored with Zoot's life as much as I am...

He seems to be ill, as in he clicks when he breathes in the morning. :( I'll be calling the vet tomorrow, and this time, the vet won't be as crappy as the last one I tried. Apparently, he still isn't the BEST (or the cheapest), but he's the most likely to have appointments available relatively soon. And I've been worrying about him all day, and the sooner the better.

At least he's cheerful about it. He's started singing to his mirror again and is being the cuddliest little bird ever. He hopped onto my shoulder and crawled over my chest and then just sort of sat there, staring up at me patiently while I read. He even cuddled into the crook of my neck a little later on, too >> So sweet.

Also, I made the mistake of walking into Petco today. There was this adorable (I mean, seriously. Freaking adorable.) little green parakeet who kept trying to get my attention, and later, when I finally started watching him, he even played the anti-staring game with me. I wish I knew what the hell that was all about, but it's so damn cute. I wanted to take him home so badly >> But alas, Zoot probably would have eaten him alive. He was just so tiny!

They also had two cockatiels, but they both looked like they were in pretty poor shape. :/ Sigh.

I'm going to be a crazy old lady with like 58 birds when I grow up, aren't I?

Finals are over with, but thesis revisions are still due Friday. Oops. I would like to take a nap, but it's kind of late to do that, I think. I may or may not have gotten absorbed in The Sandman. Also, I'm constantly hungry. I stuffed myself at 6:30 and am already famished again. Wtf. Now is not the time for these things.

Also, just for clarification, I wasn't actually disappointed in any of you for not wanting/commenting for a Christmas card. I just wanted to give you all a hard time because I'm spiteful.

WoW tomorrow! w00t!


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