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Poor little vorticella!

It lost its stalk to a spaztic larva!
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I just have one thing to say to you >>


Even after all this time, it still hasn't gotten old :D

Oh yes. Also, many of you will enjoy this site, I'm sure :)
Check out the holiday cards!
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Yeah, it's 3am.

But at least I finally have my PvP boots.

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So.. I was going to graph a couple things for my Results chapter tonight, but lo and behold, apparently I have already graphed them.

Even though I don't remember recording the data.
Or making a corresponding Excel spreadsheet.
Or graphing anything.

Eerie. Cool.. but eerie.

Sometimes I feel like I've just been sleepwalking all day.
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I present to you...

Two more wonderful journal article titles!

"MAPing out arteries and veins."


"Inflame my heart (by p38-MAPK)."

Now I'll give it a rest for awhile >> But I just couldn't pass those up.
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OMG. Biologists have bad ideas.

The title of this one journal article:
"Plant biology. Plant acupuncture: sticking PINs in the right places."

PINs are proteins that control cellular auxin efflux.


Oh, puns.
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Physics might be starting to all come together >>

Emphasis on starting to.

Hopefully it will continue to improve for Monday.

I have also decided to dedicate my Tuesday to RNA quantification and cDNA synthesis from 3-7ish. The Biochem TA session would probably be helpful, but.. the homeworks are surprisingly simple thus far. We'll see how long it lasts.

Planning makes things feel better sometimes >>
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I would just like to say that I love PubMed and NCBI. They provide me with free articles, and I don't even have to try to use a freaking "EZProxy" thing to help me "Connect From Home" even though all it does is make me angry because it only works about half the time >>


Specifically, I have a plushie mad cow disease prion as well as an influenza soap dispenser.

Best Valentine's Day presents EVER.

<3 my lady.
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Me = flu.

I do not approve.

However, I do approve of the fact that this means attending Physics tomorrow morning is highly unlikely, and thus I will probably end up paying more attention to WoW than homework.

I mean... addict? What?
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You know you've got a good deal on carrots when you can still taste the dirt on it.

I'm just sayin'.
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Some really messed up shit.

People are crazy, yo.
-- followed by Gene Ray - Wikipedia

Further inspiring me to look at a List of Pseudoscientific Theories

Inspired, of course, by the student forum.
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23 pages of thesis.

Only 23.

I could have sworn there was more... but all chapters are accounted for.

At least this isn't including figures and such..?

Eh. So lazy..
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It's been awhile, hasn't it?

ISP is already a week over, which means spring semester is a weak closer, which means this is probably the most relax-time I'm going to have for awhile. The Burning Crusade comes out at 12:01am. 12 hours. I'll be tagging along with Ana and Michelle and co. to see if I can procure a (n unreserved) copy at EB Games. I promise I won't talk about it too much, Simone ;)

I feel like there were a lot of things I wanted to say, but now I either don't remember them or don't have the same mental gusto to write about them >>

So I guess I'll just say that I'm still alive. Zoot is still happily perched on my shoulder.


Love you all!
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Sometimes it's nice to be able to dismiss your temporary neuroses, including your odd cravings, as hormonal fluctuations, even if you had no idea that was the potential cause at the time and thought you were going a little bit crazy.
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I got out of work just in time -- I opened the door to my apartment, and the clock struck midnight.

I have Coke. I have vodka. And I have WoW.

You know you want to quest with me to ring in the new year with dorkiness >>

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If you ever wonder whether or not a certain man is gay (especially if he is 28+), take him to Kilwin's and see if he gets the french silk ice cream.

Especially if he gets it in a waffle cone.


It is the One True Test.

$25 in tips in the past two nights! Woo! Most sexellent.
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Bah. So I got myself all ready and worked up to spend a good 2-3 hours in the library doing thesis things...

Only to discover that it's closed today.

x.x Oh well. At least I can still leech internet outside to do preliminary ISP research, and today is a good day for a walk to the bay.
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I have infected YouTube, and now I will infect your friends page.

There's no sound, but he was just grinding his beak >> He was pleased.
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I took a four-hour nap >>

I have spent most of today in darkness.

This is not what the doctor recommended, but it just felt so damn good.
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I have been awake since 3:15am (and I fell asleep at 12:30, because I'm an insomniac and fret way the hell too much), and I would really, really like to go home right about now.

Unfortunately, there's no sign of bags from the plane yet. At least SRQ has free wireless interweb.

If you ever want to be someone who works in/for an airport, you can't. Know why? You aren't grouchy enough. Even if you think you are, you're not. You have to be OMG SUPER GROUCH GOD to get hired apparently, because all airport people have been unnecessarily bitchy today. I'm too damn tired for this crap.

Today is nap day. It is also "read toothpaste for dinner archives" day.


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