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Little things, because they are easier in list format:

1) Classes started again. Tucson roads are now packed with students. Campus is packed with students. I pretty much hate everyone every time I step outside the lab.

2) For some reason, I am very nervous about classes. I think because I only have one, I keep thinking I'm going to forget about it or something. Also, it's heavier on chemistry this time. I am really, really bad at chemistry. I'd much rather learn about ecology than chemistry. Did I go into the wrong lab??

3) Wedding is a month away. Starting to kind of panic.

4) One week of Whole30 left. Really wanted a bagel yesterday. At least sugar cravings are way, way down.

5) Cassandra Clare is a horrible writer. I finished "City of Bones" yesterday and was SO UPSET about it. I went to pick up Kai at the CSA and may or may not have road raged while driving because I was just so angry about that stupid book. I am almost as upset as when I read "The Beginning Place." Almost. Not quite. That book will probably always earn a special kind of hatred from me.

6) I feel stuck at CrossFit, which is making me feel a little burnt out on it, which is then not helping with the getting un-stuck.

7) I would really like a new mutant to play with. It has been too long since I've gotten one, and not for lack of trying.

8) Written comp exam is soon. I should really be reading more papers.

I think that about covers everything.
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