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You may already know this by now, but I am really terrible at several things: making decisions and prioritizing are probably at the top of that list. Having to take classes while working in the lab makes this even more difficult, since things that I normally wouldn't think of as important suddenly have concrete deadlines and point values, whereas lab work is more flexible and takes much longer before anything amounts to anything. And while lab work is supposed to be the most important thing during grad school, classes are still important too, because if you don't do well in those, then your funding gets cut off and that sort of makes the lab work hard to do.

So besides classes, there are also things I would like to do in lab that aren't really "lab work" because they aren't part of the "main project(s)." And then there are things I would like to do not in lab, because if all my time is dedicated to lab and/or classes, then at some point I will probably break down and lock myself in my bedroom and not come out again for several months.

I am going to make a list of things because it helps me. I don't know if it will help this time, but at least it will be good to have it down in writing (and not on a piece of paper that will join the other hundreds of pieces of paper that just get lost in a day or two).

Things for classes:
Paper to read and summary to write for Microbial Genetics. I have no idea what this is even about yet. Due Monday.
Papers to read and presentation to make about molecular and microbial coevolution. Presentation is April 16th.
Poster to assemble for Microbial Genetics. Poster session is April 11-12.

Things for lab (PI-sanctioned):
Main project is stalled. Need to clean up cell lines and get better viral stocks.
Secondary project is full of shit. Close to giving up, because the mutants are almost impossible to work with.
Tertiary project is still in gestational period. Have mutants, do not have protocols.

Things for lab (not-PI-sanctioned):
Data management is a wreck. No, not even a wreck; it just doesn't even exist. Need to fix this. Not sure if lists/spreadsheets are sufficient or if databases would be better.
Data mining, once data is managed, might be insightful. We have hundreds of mutants, but so far very little insight into the broader patterns of those mutants.
Stocks, cloning schemes, protocols, and solution recipes are in various states of disarray. Would be nice to clean these up and put them all in one area.

Things for not-school:
Behind on my books-for-the-year-count. I blame George R.R. Martin and "A Feast for Crows" -- Cersei is so damn tedious. I think I need to read 1-2 more books in the next couple of weeks to catch up.
Fell out of the habit of running. Need to start doing that again, especially before it gets to be the super-hot of the summer. Bleh.
Have been planning wedding in bursts but fall behind frequently. I don't even know where I am with a lot of things anymore. Which reminds me, need to buy tickets to MN in June...
Have also been meaning to make a blog post for, oh, a month now? It's been sitting at about halfway done for several weeks. I should probably actually finish that.

I think there's more, but I don't remember for sure. Why so many things?? I don't even know where to start.
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