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Ok so since people are still apparently watching this journal I should probably provide, like, an actual update or something >>

So I'm in Seattle. It's a lot nicer than Florida in many, many ways... The coffee is good, the food is good (not much Mexican, but the taco bus will suffice), the weather is good (so much snow this winter though XD and people are noob drivers), and the scenery is good (something besides palm trees? nowai).

I'm closer to the other half of my family, which is nice because Mom can come up here for about $160 on very short notice and stay for the weekend (which she's done once so far).

The only thing that's kind of lame is that I can't find a job (going on what, 4 months now?), and that I didn't get accepted into grad school. So I'm feeling very, uh, validated right now. Yeah... right. And the temp agencies I'm signed up with seem to think that I only want to do QA work, which is stupid, because then I go for an interview and I have almost no experience compared to the other people or I'm totally not what they're looking for and then.. back to square one.

So I'll be honest, my career outlook is seeming a little bit... bleak. And I am discouraged.

I need a new layout, but I am lazy and suck at layouts.

I've been playing a lot of WoW (probably more than is healthy) to distract myself. It's ok. So if you play and happen to be on Tho Bro, lemme know :P

That is all for now.
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